ETIV do Brasil

ETIV do Brasil is an international NGO supporting environmental conservation and youth development in Brazil. Their main goal is to develop a new generation of youth leaders with strong values and care for the environment. They are based in Itacaré, Bahia in Brazil.


ETIV do Brasil needed a web developer to improve their existing website. They wanted a better navigation structure and design improvements to make the website look more professional.

The website was running on a very slow out-of-the-box WordPress theme. It would take more than 10 seconds to load over a high-speed Internet connection, and sometimes it wouldn’t load at all over slow connections. So, in addition to the initial requirements, the website needed performance optimisations.


I worked closely with the NGO director and other staff on the information architecture, making sure the most relevant content is easily accessed from the home page and navigation bar.

Changes to the design include better content readability and enhanced user experience on mobile devices.

I also improved the website performance optimising images, reducing pages size, and other web performance techniques. Some pages needed considerable optimisation and got approximately 90% size reduction.

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